Data Network

Current life temp requires the work to be operative and effective that first of all means an operative access to information. The best solution for the companies having many distant divisions and effecting exchange with various documentation and data volumes shall be construction of the corporate data network using small, cheap but highly effective personal satellite stations.

Katelco specializes in development and construction of highly secured corporate data networks covering the whole Central Asia territory.

Network components:

  • Central Control Station (HUB) in Almaty effecting network administration;

  • Leased satellite resource;

  • Personal Satellite Earth Stations (PES) mounted directly at customer's premises that makes the "last mile" problem void
  • Ground or radio channels for data communication between HUB and customer equipment in Almaty.

The HUB and PES network equipment were manufactured by Hughes Network Systems, the world leader in satellite data communication.

Corporate data network has the "Star" topology. Satellite station is installed in every remote network unit and provides communication with the station in main information center of the client's company.

Technical features:

Network capabilities:

Services provided:

For the most flexible corporate network construction together with PES we provide the high-speed, transparent data transmission channels up to 4 Mbps, which are built on the basis of Gemini personal satellite stations. Gemini stations are small, simple in use and could be installed directly in the client's office.

Integrated network is an ideal solution for the corporate clients whose requirements varies for different local branches as it enables to use station of various types to meet the special claims in each point of network access.