The Aim

The aim of this project was to setup a transportable telemedicine workstation to be used in isolated areas and crisis situation areas.

   It integrates in one custommade device:

  • a portable PC with telecommunication capabilities
  • a light, portable 3D ultrasound station.

The doctor in the field scans the patient and transmits the acquired 3D dataset via:

to the distant expert.


This project developed by the Institute of Computer Graphics (Franchover, Germany).

See for more details about this project , its ability and full description .

TeleInVIVO project in Kazakstan

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7, November 2000 TeleInViVo is among the WINNERS OF THE IST PRIZE 2000 (

27-28 November, 2000 - International workshop "Telemedicine in Central Asia region". Kasakhstan, Almaty, Almaty Diagnostic Centre.